kilaʊˈeɪə     kee-la-wae-ya

Kilauea is an active volcano on the big island of Hawaii.

Why Kilauea?

Our founder was so enamoured with the volcano that he decided to name his investment company after it.

Volcanoes are powerful and life-changing. In their power there is an innate beauty as the lava forms new land which in turn provides new life and opportunity. Volcanoes are everchanging and unpredictable yet they are constant.


Kilauea Investments’ vision is to empower companies and individuals to strive for a world based on positivity, harmony within culture, environment and social interaction.

Our goal is to invest in and support companies that share a similar vision while making a positive impact on our society and our environment. We empower the companies we invest in by helping them fulfill their own goals of bettering our world.

Kilauea Investments strives to engage other like-minded individuals to help make the change we want to see through the set up of our initial Investment Fund, One Person. One Person is an impact investment fund with the goal of leveraging business success for social betterment.

Transforming an idea into a successful business takes guts, hard work and smart decisions.

Entrepreneurs see opportunity. They want to solve a problem, improve the status quo, create something better.


Kilauea Investments supports emerging companies and visionary individuals in their entrepreneurial journey by providing seed funds, business expertise and a knowledge network. Our portfolio of companies span a variety of industries: healthcare, high tech and education amongst others; the commonality lies in each company offering socially impactful services or products. Our preference is to invest in companies located in our beautiful home base of Vancouver, British Columbia so that we can remain active with our portfolio throughout the early stages of development.

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